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Special Award









G. Piccardo***







W.B. Krätzig*





S. Krenk

H.J. Pradlwarter

L. Frýba


M. Vasta


F. Hemez


Roger Ohayon 

James L. Beck 

Harry Grundmann


Emiliano Rustighi

David Moëns

Manuel Pellissetti


Cristian Soize

Lambros Katafygiotis

Hans-Jürgen Niemann

Gerhart Schuëller

Michele Barbato

Barbara Goller

Andreas Gömmel


Guido De Roeck

Costas Papadimitriou



Ioannis Kougioumtzoglou

Franck Massa

Claudio Mannini


Xingjian Jing


Álvaro Cunha

Jiři Náprstek

Sebastian Oberst

Enzo Marino









For Life Accomplishment



Development of Methodologies


Begin of Regular Award Program



Computational Structural Dynamics


Award given jointly with the Italian A.N.I.V.



Applications of Structural Dynamics


The awards presented at EURODYN '05 carry the following citations:

Steen Krenk - "For his outstanding contributions on non-linear modelling and analysis of structures"

Ladislav Frýba - "For his lifelong pursuit of developing basic concepts of structural dynamics for industrial applications"

Helmut J. Pradlwarter - "For his novel contributions to computational procedures for assessing and processing uncertainties in very large FE systems under dynamic excitation"

Marcello Vasta - "For his novel contributions to the development of analytical procedures for response prediction of structural systems under stochastic excitation"

François M. Hemez - "For his excellent achievements in combining experimental and computational concepts in structural dynamics"



The awards presented at EURODYN '08 carry the following citations:

Roger Ohayon – "For his leadership and outstanding contributions in the area of Fluid – Structure - Interaction"

James L. Beck – "For his outstanding novel contributions to computational procedures in assessing uncertainty propagation and reliability of large structural systems under dynamic excitation"

Harry Grundmann – "For his lifelong pursuit of developing and applying procedures of Structural Dynamics in the high, medium and low frequency range"

Emiliano Rustighi – "For his already significant achievements in the development of methodologies for Structural Dynamics"

David Moëns – "For his noted novel contributions to the computational analysis of uncertainties in structural dynamics"

Manuel Pellissetti – "For his noted contributions in the application of Structural Dynamics to Civil Engineering Problems"



The awards presented at EURODYN '11 carry the following citations:

Gerhart Schuëller – "For his important contributions in structural mechanics especially in stochastic dynamics"

Christian Soize – "For his leadership and most outstanding scientific work in the areas of modeling in linear and non linear dynamics, structural acoustics, vibroacoustics and coupled systems"

Lambros Katafygiotis – "For his many pioneering seminal contributions in Computational Stochastic Dynamics and Systems Identification"

Hans-Jürgen Niemann – "For his novel contributions in developing and combining theoretical and experimental procedures in the area of Aeroelastics"

Michele Barbato – "For his already achieved excellent scientific visibility in structural reliability and earthquake engineering"

Barbara Goller – "For her important achievements in developing procedures in Stochastic Model Validation of Large Dynamical Systems"

Andreas Gömmel – "For his important contributions in understanding the human phonation combining in-vivo measurements with methods of dynamic fluid-structure interaction"



The awards presented at EURODYN '14 carry the following citations:

Guido De Roeck - "For his remarkable, persistent and successful lifelong research accomplishments in the fields of system identification, operational modal analysis and vibration based damage detection."

Costas Papadimitriou  - "For his leadership and outstanding contributions to probabilistic structural dynamics and system identification."

Ioannis Kougioumtzoglou  - "For his innovative influence on the field of nonlinear stochastic dynamics."

Franck Massa  - "For his certain tenacity to provide efficient numerical methods in structural dynamics analysis of uncertain models."

Claudio Mannini  - "For his significant contributions in developing procedures linking structural dynamics with wind engineering problems."



The awards presented at EURODYN '17 carry the following citations:

Álvaro Cunha - "For his continuous, persistent and remarkable research in Structural Dynamics particularly related to applications of testing and monitoring of large transportation and energy infrastructures."

Xingjian Jing  - "For his important contributions for the analysis and design of nonlinear systems."

Jiři Náprestek  - "For his outstanding and sustained contributions in the field of Structural Dynamics."

Sebastian Oberst  - "For his novel findings and innovative methods dealing with the vibration of large complex engineering systems."

Enzo Marino  - "For his valuable contributions in modeling the complex hydro-structure behavior of offshore wind turbine systems."