October 2011

1. Purpose

The European Association for Structural Dynamics – EASD is formed primarily for facilitating and perpetuating the dialog between engineers and scientists with specialized interest and expertise in structural dynamics. Devoted to theoretical developments and applications of structural dynamics of all types of structures, coupled systems and structural materials EASD

* sponsors and oversees the organization of the European Conferences on Structural Dynamics (EURODYN),

* organises symposia on special topics,

* organises courses for the continuing engineering education,

* establishes and supports Technical Committees,

* awards prizes to excellent scientist,

* stays abreast of European politics and developments related to science.


2. Organizational Structure

The Association shall be organized under the direction of the President and the Executive Board. All elections are to be conducted normally during the EURODYN Conferences, at which time the duties of the current officials are transferred to the new officials.


2.1 Officers of the Association

President – The President shall be elected by the Executive Board for the term until the second upcoming EURODYN-Conference.

Past-Presidents — Past Presidents are all former Presidents.

Executive Vice President – The Executive Vice President shall be elected by the Executive Board for the terms until the second upcoming conference.


2.2 Executive Board

Members of the Executive Board are all Past Presidents, Executive Vice-Presidents and the Honorary President.

The President and the Executive Vice-President are ex-officio members of the Board.

The Board elects its chairman by majority for the terms until the second upcoming conference.

The chairman of the next EURODYN-conference is ex-officio member of the executive board.

The members of the Executive Board take over responsibilities for specific tasks.

The Executive Board defines these tasks and assigns them to the individual members for the period to the next upcoming EURODYN-conference.

In order to stay abreast of European politics related to science, especially concerning developments dedicated to the support of the scientific community, one member of the Executive Board takes over the task of the EASD Delegate for EU-relations (EASD Délégué Européen). 


2.3 Senior Advisory Boar

Former members of the Executive Board form the Senior Advisory Board. The members of the Senior Advisory Board support the Executive Board with their advice contributing to continuity in the development of EASD


2.4 Members

Membership is linked with the participation at the EURODYN Conferences.

It starts with the registration and payment for the conference. Participants of the EURODYN´s remain member in the EASD until the last day of the second upcoming conference.

In addition the Executive Board is free to invite experts of structural dynamics with international standing as Chartered Members.


2.5 Technical Committees

Technical committees (TC) are groups of members, who are actively contributing to the progress in certain fields. The TCs are given the task of keeping abreast of developments and needs of the membership in their specialized fields and with promoting emerging fields. The members of each TC decide on their By-laws.

The TCs meet at each EURODYN Conference and report in a summarizing way on the recent progress in the individual field which was achieved during the last term. This summary may be published in the proceedings.

The Executive Board decides on the formation of Technical Committees and elects the chairmen and the co-chairmen for the term until the next EURODYN Conference by majority. The members of the technical committees are appointed by the Committees Chairman and Co-Chairman on behalf of the Executive Board.

 3. Awards

The EASD can recognize outstanding achievement in research with Awards.

The Chair of the Awards Committee is elected by the Executive Board for the period to the next upcoming EURODYN. The Chair of the Awards Committee appoints the Awards-Committee (AC). The AC prepares the call for proposals and proposes laureates to the Awards Decision Body consisting out of the Chair of the Awards-Committee, the Chair of the Executive Board, the President, the Executive Vice-President and the Chairman of the next EURODYN. The Awards Decision Body decides on the laureates. The awards ceremony takes places within the scope of the EURODYN conferences.

Technical Committees may propose laureates in their respective fields to the Executive Board.


4. Headquarters

The Headquarters of the Association shall be located at the Office of the Executive Vice President.


5. The European Conferences on Structural Dynamics-EURODYN

The EURODYN conferences shall be organized with an interval of approximately two to four years at locations to be selected and approved by the Executive Board. The conference chairma(e)n is (are) selected by the Executive Board. The Executive Vice President is co-chairman of the EURODYN-Conferences. The chairman and the Executive Vice President are free to select further co-chairma(e)n.

The Executive Vice-President is responsible for soliciting appropriate proposals. The conference chairma(e)n is (are) assisted by the following committees:


5.1 International Scientific Committee

The Scientific Committee for each EURODYN shall be chaired by the President of the EASD, with members to be appointed by the Chairman of the EURODYN on behalf of the Executive Board. This Committee shall be responsible for developing the Technical Program of the Conference.


5.2 Conference Advisory Committee

The Advisory Committee for each Conference shall be composed of a Chairman and members to be appointed by the Chairman of the EURODYN Conference. This Committee shall be responsible for policy matters, fund raising and major decisions in concert with the Conference Co-Chairma(e)n.


5.3 Conference Organizing Committee

The Conference Organizing Committee shall consist of the chairman of the EURODYN and members to be appointed by the Conference Chairman. This Committee shall be responsible for the local organization and all the arrangements necessary for holding the EURODYN.

The financial responsibility of a particular EURODYN Conference rests fully upon its respective Chairman.


5.4 Financal Aspects

5 % of the conference fees are allocated to the reserves of EASD. The Executive Vice President is in charge of the administration of the reserves. Mainly the following activities are financed out of the reserves:

* PR (web-page, mailings)

* front money (to be refunded) for conferences, continuing engineering education, symposia

The officers of EASD, the members of the Executive Board and the Technical Committees are not salaried by EASD.


6. Amendment of By-laws

 The By-laws can be amended at any time through a majority vote of the Executive Board. 

Innsbruck, February 28, 2003

1. Amendment, Munich, December 23, 2005

2. Amendment, Munich, July 31, 2008

3. Amendment, Munich, November 14, 2009

4. Amendment, Munich, October, 31, 2011


Approved unanimously by the Executive Board of EASD.